Central monitoring
Mixed network of multiple monitors
  • Supports display of any size, a single screen can display monitoring information for up to 32 bedside monitors.
  • Dual-screen supports simultaneous observation of up to 64 monitors and observation of a maximum of up to 128 monitors.
  • Standard offerings of high-performance server-level computer host and A4 laser printer
  • Green signal network, superior stability, anti-interference
  • Single operating system, no other software interference
  • User-oriented interface, simple and refreshing style
  • Fetal monitor and multi-parameter monitor can be mixed to form a central monitoring system.
  • Support 15 languages including Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Doctor's Observation Station Monitoring everywhere
Another powerful function of STAR8800 is that through the CMS VIEW software system, a doctor’s observation station can be set up in any room of the hospital. It is convenient for doctors to keep track of patients' conditions anytime and anywhere.
Hospital-wide monitoring solution
STAR8800 central monitoring system can not only provide rich and professional central monitoring solutions for various departments of the hospital, but also configure powerful server functions to form a LAN covering the whole hospital monitoring system; it supports HL7 communication protocol, which can be connected to HIS, CIS and other systems to facilitate relevant case view for each department, joint network consultation by experts, and solve the network connection problem of monitoring outside the hospital through the wireless network, keeping abreast of patient information at all times.